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About Us

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller

Founded by Mir Lynne Pietrzyk, Shift and Wake Up, LLC has become the go-to place for women, couples, parents and business owners who are feeling lost and all alone, wanting life and business to be back to normal, or just wanting to live a life on purpose and direction. We are located in the Southwest Florida and offer Life Connection coaching programs throughout the world.

Why a Life Coach?
You get to talk about your problems and challenges with someone who's not going to interrupt you, make judgments about you, criticize what you're saying, or offer opinions based on their own experience. Our clients who work with us experience moving through the pain of the past such as worry and fears, reclaiming their personal power, and are equipped with Life Connection tools to accomplish their goals allowing them to create a fulfilling life.

The Benefits are…Clarity of Direction in Life, Confidence, Enrichment, Empowered and ultimately having the tools to know how to work through any situation life throws at you after working with us. Our clients Learn How to use their Life Connection tool kit to …heal relationships, experience deep loving relationships, live with purpose, communicate clearly, set healthy boundaries, and create peaceful lives and more!

Never getting ahead
Life is a Routine and Boring
Overwhelmed You are a Mom and the Bread Winner
Constantly giving to others
Just want to stop feeling bad
Divorced You could never love again
All alone without direction
Anger and not good enough
Couples Intimacy is lost
What is important to me my Spouse does not care
Parents Disconnected from your children or teens
Your children do not respect you
Failure and Regrets fill your thoughts
Teens No one cares about you
You are afraid and don’t have anyone to talk to

How we help you:
We offer workshops, funshops, online courses, tele-conference and private appointments.
How we do this is through our Life Connection Inspiring Shifts, a simple formula using our proven technique and applying these principles:

Intention is what you intend to create. How you want to live your life, what you will feel once you create your intention. It is being mindful of what we are creating in every moment. It is the connection to your intuition and trusting your intuition. When you put action towards your intention sabotaging thoughts have a harder time changing your direction. The Intention Shift is your life guide to recognize what you want to experience. It is the staircase of Life yet living in your everyday moment.

Gratitude is the appreciation for all that is and letting go of what is not. Complete gratitude lifts your soul when you’re down, empowers you to take action and allows you to see all that is. When you Shift to Gratitude, you do not judge yourself for what you don’t have and look at what others have. The gratitude shift brings your focus on what is, instead of the past “what happened” or the future “what if”. To shift gratefully is to “feel the power of gratitude”, see the goodness that surrounds you, and to see all the new gifts given to you daily.

Action is the driving force of creating your intentions. Action turns fantasy into reality. When we act upon what we say we want we receive the gift of motion which brings about the creation of our intention. Through the Action Shift you will see your true ability to create all that you desire. Applying the Action Shift plan in your daily life you feel the moment of I Can Do It. As we focus on the actions of our intentions an amazing transformation takes place; worry and fear do not have room to fill your mind with limiting thoughts because the power of action is focused on your intention and gratitude. Releasing the excuses and choosing actions will lead you to empowerment. Action is the proof you are willing to live what really matters to you and to create your fulfillment.

Looking forward to working with you to create the life you deserve!

Click here to find out more about Mir Lynne, our life coaching programs, classes and workshops, and our calendar of events. Call Miriam Lynne at 239-253-2884 for your free 30 minute consultation.


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