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Success Stories

"Lynne Pietrzyk changed my life. I should say, Lynne helped me realize that I had the power to change my own life. She taught me how to be honest with myself, how to slow down, how to turn the pain of tragedy into honor and love, and how to create a better life for myself and my family one tiny step at a time. The work I've done with Lynne has had a lasting impact, and I continue to do the work every day. I would recommend Lynne to anyone who feels as though they're at a crossroads in life, or anyone who feels that they can get more out of their life but lack the tools to do so themselves.
Thank you Lynne!" ~ Kara Young, MCA

"Learning from Shift and Wake Up what is really important can make all of the difference in the world!" ~ Michelle Reibling, Borders

"Paul and I are celebrating our 15-year anniversary today! Thank you so much for your part in making our relationship grow stronger and more fun every day! I can't imagine doing it on my own! Love you!"

"I felt as though the group had much to say and was enjoying all the sharing very much. I am really enjoying the book and how you support our open communication by sharing your own vulnerabilities so openly. Looking forward to our next meeting. Thank you for your presence and this class." ~Sharon

"I was reminded that I have the ability to garnish support through my enthusiasm and make anything happen. I was also reminded of the importance of journaling as a method for letting go and to maintain focus. During the class, Carol was inspired to start a weekly Employment Skills and Support Group and is in the process of launching the group." ~Carol

"I learned more from Lynne about life and why we are all here then I have from anyone else or could. Lynne has showed me that I have an expansive ability to create my life through my continued self-improvement journey." ~J. H.

"My big Wow was that I have the ability to sit and meditate, close my eyes and detach myself from things around me." ~Ron

"Every morning I write and recite my intention to feel peace, love and happiness in my heart. I also resolve to share that with everyone I come into contact with. Doing this helps me get through stressful moments of my day. Here is a recent example:

The other night, I was making dinner. It was something new that required a bit more of my attention than a recipe I was familiar with. It also required two pots on the stove and something cooking in the oven at the same time – lots to keep track of. My 6-year-old son was doing homework at the kitchen table, and my 3-year-old daughter was at the table cutting and coloring Halloween decorations. Both of them needed my attention. Tyler had questions about his homework, and Alyssa needed help with cutting. The phone also rang – it was my husband, telling me he was on his way home.

I felt a twinge of stress come over me a couple of times during the events of the evening as people and recipes called for my attention. But I remembered my intention, which is to feel peace, love and happiness in my heart and to share it with everyone I come into contact with. Doing this allowed me to give my family the help and attention they needed. This made me feel happy, peaceful and loving – imagine that! I actually felt how I wanted to feel!

Had I snapped at one of my children or my husband, I would have felt frustrated instead. And so would they. None of them would have understood why I snapped at them. Without my effort at remembering to live by my intention, the whole evening could have taken a turn down Crabby Lane, but by remaining calm, peaceful and loving, we ended up having a happy evening together. This was a great reminder that the power of setting intentions for how I want to feel and act is very real and very effective!" ~ T. H.

Just as important as the nourishment we consume, and the path we go through on a daily basis, is the people who help us nourish our soul. Lynne Pietrzyk is, and always will be, the real deal! Genuine, articulate, authentic and one who listens to the guidance she receives to help mankind! I am most privileged to be a recipient of her work. She has helped me with her knowledge, practices and words in a way that speaks to my very foundation. Strengthening balance and harmony at a soul level. What joy and tranquil moments can bring forth with a thoughtful teacher, who knows who she is and who walks her purpose so profoundly. Thank you Lynne Pietrzyk for all that you are. I look forward to furthering a blissful journey with you! May all the love and light wrap you up with reverence!  - Gale G.

The Mirlyn Healing session was powerful. Connecting me to my higher-self. - Lisa J.

I received clarity on moving forward with an area in my life which was keeping me stuck in a challenge. - Sandy S.

After receiving the Mirlyn healing session I felt peaceful, enlightened and clarity on my path. - Elaine H.


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